About us

Baltic Zinc Technics - professional and modern surface treatment of steel constructions using a hot dip galvanizing method

The company was established in 1998. It's owner till March 2017 was the Danish Herning Varmforzinkning joint-stock company, that owned one of the largest hot dip galvanizing production units in Denmark. Along with modern technologies, we have also acquired experience and knowledge from the Danes in the sphere of hot dip galvanizing, which allows us to ensure high-quality services. As regards technology, we always follow its development, so that our customers can be sure we’re able to offer the optimum and most appropriate technological solutions in all cases. The company is a member of the Association of the Engineering and Metal-working Industry of Latvia. 

The industrial space of Baltic Zinc Technics is 3435 m².  Presently the company has 80 employees. 

Equipped with 30 years experience in the Danish company, and our competent staff, we’re ready to provide service to our customers, as well as to accept future challenges.

Hot Dip Galvanizing

Technical Information

Environmental Aspects

Hot dip galvanizing is an environment-friendly process, performed in a special hot dip galvanizing plant, in which work conditions are under strict control

In compliance with Latvian legislation, hot dip galvanizers shall restrict emissions from the production process to minimum. This requirement complies also with the Acquis communautaire of the European Union. Hot dip galvanizing saves energy since it preserves resources. When steel corrodes, it shall be replaced and that means consumption of energy and other resources to produce new steel as well as to process scrap metal. 

Zinc applied in hot dip galvanizing does not destroy the balance in the nature. As a result of zinc application for steel coating, zinc in small amounts is returned back to the environment; it is proved that insignificant amounts of zinc are needed almost for every species of animals and plants. Zinc is needed also for human organism. 
We constantly work on reducing the impact of our plant on environment and humans, by investing into special equipment, as well as developing environment management system in compliance with the international standard ISO 14001.